Luxury Motors Florida in Ft. Lauderdale -Bad Luxury Car Dealer

It’s easy to get caught up in the used car game. You find a car you love and you get awestruck. The dealer is a professionally trained salesman who knows all the tricks of the trade. Emphasis on “Tricks.” Before you even start looking, arm yourself with the knowledge of how to buy a used car. What you should know about the game and how you can get taken so easily. The last thing you want is to buy a car for more than it’s worth or to have to invest a lot of money in costly repairs that were needed when you bought the vehicle.

One thing you need to know if your walk-out, out-the-door price. Get it in writing! You also need to know if there is anything wrong with it. The condition of the car. Get it in writing. See what I’m saying? Get everything in writing? Is there a warranty? If not, get it checked out by a mechanic you choose, NOT their mechanic. If you can’t. DON’T BUY IT! Service records are a must. Does the car have them? If so, make sure you receive them to view BEFORE you buy the car. Did you know that CarFax is not the “end-all?” If things have not been reported then CarFax will not have this information and there is a lot that may not be reported!

Here you can see what is hardened glue on the headliner of the car we purchased from Stanislav Katayev, owner of Luxury Motors Florida. We did not really see it upon our inspection of the car. When we were home with the car, I found there was a separation of the canvas top and the rear windshield. I then looked inside. I thought it was mildew but the upholstery shop we took it to for the top replacement told us it is hardened glue where someone had tried to fix it. “Stan” told me it was a new top and accused our shop who we took it to for a new car inspection caused it to separate. How absurd! He told me it was a new top and had a receipt for it although he never produced it. The upholstery shop said it was not the original top. Mind you the car was 12 years old when we bought it so it’s understandable that it was not the original top.
All that glitters is not gold. Neither are these beautiful cars that are riddled with undisclosed problems! Trust me, you can find another car you will love just as much if that dealer isn’t reputable and doesn’t have all their t’s crossed. In looking back, I should have heeded the reviews. Did you know that the first reviews you read are the good ones by default? Used car website businesses are in the business to make money from DEALERS. So they want them to be happy. They even allow fake reviews. So, BEWARE! Search the business’s name on many sites, and look them up on the BBB. One note about the BBB – they can be misleading. If a business responds to complaints, then they get good grades. Just for responding! It is only a guide, it is like CarFax – it’s not the entire picture. Keep digging.

Stanislav Katayev did not do business with us at the car dealership. It was probably a lie but he told us the business was closed for the fourth of July holiday. We wanted to meet with him on Saturday and he told my husband he doesn’t work on Saturdays due to his religion. He is Russian. Not sure what kind of religion he has but they don’t condemn him for taking us for a ride evidently. Not the good kind of ride either. Speaking of riding, we weren’t even offered to test drive the car! RED FLAG!

We had to meet “Stan” at his condo, another thirty minutes away from the hotel we booked that was close to the business because that is where we thought we would see the car. Noooo, business was closed he said. He had the car at his condo in an air-conditioned garage he said.

He told us the car was in “excellent condition” and it had been checked out by his mechanic. Note to self – never trust a car salesman. This is good advice for you to remember. Get it in writing, remember? Well, you can read more in my more detailed blog about my experience here. Here’s hoping you won’t get taken!

Luxury Motors Florida in Ft. Lauderdale -Bad Luxury Car Dealer

Saw Palmetto Berry Harvesting Regulations Must Be Strengthened Now

Vitally Important to hundreds of species of our wildlife, their natural resource is being ravaged and they are being robbed of this much-needed plant’s benefits.

(Petition Link at the Bottom)

To the Florida Department of Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Freid:

Saw Palmetto Berries and their plants are used by over 300 species of wildlife including black bears, honeybees, and other important natives to Florida.  They are vital to black bears when the fruit comes in at the time when bears must be packing on pounds to go through their torpor state in winter.  If a female bear does not gain enough weight, she will not give birth or have a smaller litter.  Some bears literally starve through this period.  

Saw Palmetto berries have become a very lucrative business in Florida and draw more and more pickers with each year, especially as our economy plummets.  The requirements for pickers are permits which are free and permissions from property owners.  State land and wildlife management areas are forbidden to pick from.

Pickers can make hundreds of dollars a day. And not only them but the private buyers that they sell to. They are a middleman.  Then those buyers sell to larger corporations that sell to pharmaceuticals.    As you can see there is a lot of money being made off of our natural resources which cost the pickers nothing.  

The pickers cut the stalks to shake the berries off into their buckets.  Cutting the stalks off prevents the plants from flowering in the spring, thus preventing bees and other pollinators from getting that nectar.    

Pickers also skip getting permits for various reasons.  Perhaps some are undocumented and are afraid of being caught. They will harvest undercover at night or be dropped off and then picked back up to avoid detection.  Arrests are numerous but there are not enough officers to catch most of them.  

Hunters and fishermen are all required to have licenses and permits but pickers are not.  This shouldn’t be. They are taking our resources and that of the wildlife, etc. without having to compensate at all for it.  If they are arrested the fines are low and they aren’t worried because the profits from the berries far outweigh the fines.  

So changes need to be made.  There need to be licensed buyers and crew leaders. There need to be paid permits by the pickers to benefit our state. It should be illegal to cut off the stalks of the plants that the berries and flowers are born on.   Fines for all should be substantial enough to make it not worth ignoring these laws.   

Therefore, we request that these changes be made before the next season of 2023.    ( – Petition link)

If you live in Florida, this should concern each and every one of you. Please sign and share this petition. It costs you nothing. Although, Change . org adds a request for donations, it is not going to me, it goes to them. That’s how they make their money. A donation may boost the petition, but it is not necessary.

Thank you!

Debbie Rhodes

Saw Palmetto Berry Harvesting Regulations Must Be Strengthened Now

Luxury Motors in Ft. Lauderdale and Sunny Isles Beach Owner Stanislav Katayev – Rip-offs


 butterbloom(305) 745-74921865 S. Ocean Dr. Hallandale18671 N. Collins AVE. Sunny Isles Beach305-904-4478BentleyExotic carsFlorida Luxury Motor Carsfloridaluxurymotorcars.comFt. LauderdaleHallandaleJaguarLamborghiniluxrymotorsflorida.comLuxury MotorsLuxury Motors LLCPorscheStan KatayevStanislav KatayevStanley & Sons LLCSunny Isles BeachUsed Luxury CarsUsed luxury cars Florida1 CommentEdit

Stan owns Luxury Motors Florida, Ft. Lauderdale with a physical address of 2200 S. Federal Hwy, Ft. Lauderdale, Fl 33316 but he seems to be letting other people run that business as he flips cars on the side and lists numerous addresses websites, and phone numbers.

(Above – second car site where the car was advertised. The ‘CarFax logo when clicked on the other site wanted you to pay for it. Note the “Apply For Financing” selection – I have read that they really rip you off when it comes to financing. BEWARE! On this website, it shows the ‘Staff” and “Stan Katayev.” This website is at:

The second website in Ft. Lauderdale is here:

The above is their website for their Ft. Lauderdale address. Or should I say “his” address? He has people running this brick and mortar. The location is 2200 S. Federal Hwy, Ft. Lauderdale, 33316 – He told us it was not open for the fourth of July holiday and to meet him at his condo in Hallandale, 1865 S. Ocean Dr..

Beware of the use of used luxury car dealers. I’m not saying they are all alike but my recent experience with Luxury Motors of Ft. Lauderdale, Fl sent me into a tailspin. We called Luxury Cars about a 2010 Jaguar Xk that we had seen on the cars for sale website.

The salesman, Stanislav Katayev (Stan) spoke with my husband. When they reached an agreement on the price of the car, we made arrangements to go down to Ft. Lauderdale and book a motel room nearby.

Unfortunately, we were told that the dealership was closed until after July 4th and he would meet us at his condo. We had our three dogs with us in our SUV which was unavoidable on such short notice to find a kennel for them. The next morning, because the hotel room was 80 degrees and we were sweating, we left early to drive another 30 minutes to Hallandale, Fl, where Stan lives.

We texted him to ask if he could meet with us early and he said no. He said he was sleeping until 11am. We killed some time and went back to the condo parking lot and called him. He asked us to give him a few minutes. Thirty minutes later he pulled the car in front of the condo for us to check out. It was an attractive car but we found some aluminum oxidation that had been painted over and was bubbled up. Stan seemed to dismiss it and we figured, well if that’s all that is wrong with it, it would be okay.

He did not provide us with the service records nor a carFax on the car. We signed the papers in the back of our Yukon as he quickly shuffled through the papers having us sign each one. The last one said: AS/IS NO WARRANTY. After we got the car home in Orlando, we scheduled to get diagnostics run on the car. An oil leak was found, the windshield washer pump didn’t work and the L & R marker lights didn’t work. We did not have them fix the pump as their estimate was too high.

So we brought it home to order an aftermarket part and make an appointment for it at a jag shop. The aftermarket part came in and would not work. We had to order an OEM part and the total to fix it was near $300. In the meantime, I noticed a separation between the back glass and the canvas. There was a leak. There was mold on the inside of the top. When I told Stan of all of these problems, he denied that there was anything wrong with the car. That it had been checked out by his mechanic etc. (EDIT: It turns out that what I thought was mold was actually hardened glue from someone had tried to fix it!)

The top separation wasn’t easy to detect by just glancing at it. But it was there. He accused our shop of causing the separation. They did not. It had existed for a while and that’s why there is mold. The cost of the top with labor is $2500. The headliner to replace will be $1,100 plus $150 labor. The oil leak, we do not know how much will cost us. The shop wanted us to run it for a few weeks and come back and have it checked. I have had numerous email conversations with Stan (dealer) – he accuses everyone of trying to rip us off but he is the one who is ripping us off by mispresenting the condition of the car. He offered us $500 from the goodness of his heart but took it off the table within 10 minutes when I shared with him the laws regarding mispresenting the conditions of cars. He became arrogant.

He is flipping expensive luxury cars with No Warranties/ As Is according to what he says, “All of our cars are sold As/Is No Warranty.” – So get the car checked out by a reputable mechanic (and not his) – or skip it! It’s not worth the headaches!

Stan is living in the ultrawealthy land of “little Moscow” in south Florida called Sunny Isles Beach etc. Home of Trump towers and mega-wealthy people and businesses. He is a high-stakes roller that dabbles in expensive jewelry and watches. Seems like anything to turn a fast buck.

Once he has your money he is done with you. I tried to deal with him after the sale but his arrogance or perhaps greed is just too great to admit he is wrong,

Don’t do business with them/him at all is my best suggestion and be leery of any other used car dealers.


Location we did business with Stanislav Katayev (Stan) – In front of his condo in Halladale, Fl.
Convertible Top where the separation from the glass is. It is not easily noticeable unless you look hard at it It has mold (update – it turned out to be hardened glue!) on the inside of the top from the leak. The red line shows the location of the leak which is up above the line at the canvas/window.



There are many websites and videos about the tactics used to screw you out of your hard-earned money. Google them and read-read-read. Used car salesmen are out to make the best deal they can regardless if it is legal or not. And they will make you feel like they are your best friend while they are doing it! BEWARE!

Below is just one website to help you get started. Be smart not sorry!

Luxury Motors in Ft. Lauderdale and Sunny Isles Beach Owner Stanislav Katayev – Rip-offs

Tech Support Scammers

There is scum and then there are tech support scammers.

If you have never had the unfortunate event of being held hostage by a tech support scammer , being lied to, manipulated, and taken for your hard earned money, then you are lucky! BUT, don’t stop reading.

The only way to know if a company is a scam is when you are done talking to them. This saftey net helps them get an edge on you because you believe they are legit and they have your computer and phone tied up so you can’t search reviews about them. They also are very clever about making websites and fake reviews to fool you.

Here’s how a typical tech support scam works. You have a problem with your device and go searching on Google for a solution. You are on what looks to be a manufacturers site or a legitimate tech support site and they reach out to you with a pop-up or a slide-in, asking you if you need help and/or telling you to call a number. You call and reach the scammer. They do not tell you who they are. They want you to believe they are a reputable company. Or they will give you a familiar name like “Geek Squad” – we all know that is Best Buy but who you are talking to is not. It is the scammer.

They ask you what your problem is and reassure you that they can certainly help you with that. Then they ask if you will let them access your computer to fix the problem. You of course agree. When they get on your computer they start showing you things that indicate you have multiple problems. This is a ruse. All computers have these things but they do not affect your computer. They will repeatedly alarm you by these things. You get scared. But no worry, they can help you. They can install some software that you need that will take care of all those things. You don’t know that any of this costs you until the very end. Even the time they spent “fixing” your problem. They do not mention that there are costs involved. They may even offer you different time lengths of the software use, each increment being more expensive. NOTE: One scam does tell you it will cost you. They tell you that if you let them have control of your computer overnight they can fix is for a fraction of what Best Buy would charge you and you would have it the next day whereas Best Buy will have it for days. – Another ploy that makes you say “yes.”

[Read about scammers in India – ]

When you agree to buy the software they will try to get you to write a check and put it on your scanner so they can get the payment. They will send you a copy of the transaction and have you write that you recieved services and software and agreed to the charge and sign your name. They prefer this kind of transaction because it is more successful for THEM. A credit card charge can be disputed and they know that. If they offer you PayPal and you say you want to use it, when they go to use it, they say it’s not working. So you resort to your credit card.

When you figure out that you have been scammed and you write your negative review about them on the BBB site, they will try to extort your refund by having you get rid of the negative review in order to get your refund. That’s why there are more positive reviews than negative about them besides the fake ones. Think about it – it is proven more people post negatives than positives. You must have knowledge about their tactics before you get taken. They are computer savvy, you are not. They have you over the barrel with that and your desperation to get your problem fixed. They have been doing this stuff for a long time and have all the bases covered that they can.

Beware of US-based Tech Support Scams - Malwarebytes Labs | Malwarebytes  Labs

Another scam will appear on your screen (see above) in an alarming way and tell you not to turn off your computer and to call such and such number immediately. You can turn your computer off. But you must use the on/off button to do it. When it comes back up and it asks you if you want to restore the programs you had up, DO NOT or you will get that back. Your computer is fine. There is nothing wrong with it. It is a fear tactic. If you call the number you will get the tactics mentioned above to scam you.

If you do get scammed. Call your bank immediately. Change your card number. Begin a dispute with your bank in regards to the charge as soon as they say you can. Report your experience with the BBB and with the FTC – Federal Trade Commission. You can also report the scam to the State Attorney of the state that the scammers operate out of. I recommend you make your scam review wherever you can find to post it.

You can tell the scammers that you are going to dispute the charge and do all of the above and they may refund your money. This happened with me – twice. I’m sad to say that I was duped in both of the ways I mentioned. This is why I write this.

I am not mentioning any names of companies here because you just shouldn’t trust ANY online tech support business. Take your computer to someone local that is reliable.

Further reading –

Tech Support Scammers

I oppose black bear hunting in Florida – By Adam Sugalski

adam sugalski


The 2015 Florida Black hunt changed many of our lives, forever.
This is my story below that I am emailing to the FWC commissioners.

What is your story and how did this hunt affect your life?
The commissioners need to hear it.…/fwc-staff/senior-staff/commissioners/

In 2015, I embarked on a journey that would forever change me; I learned that the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) was considering a bear hunt for the first time in 21 years, and on June 24, 2015, in a devasting blow, the FWC voted to have a black bear hunt.

It was time for me to switch gears from protesting circuses, and greyhound racing, to now take on a government agency, the NRA, the SCI, and trophy hunters. With time being of the essence, I quickly got to work and created a campaign called Stop The Florida Bear Hunt (STFBH). Stop The Florida Bear Hunt would later be at the forefront of the anti-bear trophy hunting movement.

We staged a 14 city protest as a last-ditch effort to stop the hunt. The protest was on October 23, 2015, the day before the hunt took place. Our efforts did little to sway the hearts and minds of the FWC Commissioners who voted to have the hunt, and the following day the bear hunt began.

I headed to Lake City as a “Bear Monitor” at check station 17.
My objective was to document and report the number of bears brought into the check station. There were 33 check stations statewide — each station had bear monitors. The purpose of the bear monitors was to ensure that the FWC called off the hunt as soon as they reached their bear kill quota.

In my lifetime, I have witnessed horrible animal atrocities from investigating circus abuse to raiding illegal slaughterhouses. When I graduated with my degree in photography and design, I would have never thought I’d be using it to document horrific animal abuse.

Nothing could have prepared me for what I call the worst day of my life. Lifeless black bear corpses were brought in.
I will never forget the apathy the trophy hunters displayed for the lives they had just taken. Hunters laughed and celebrated their kills as if they had just won the lottery. They handled the bodies as if they were trash.

I was shattered to my core, numb, yet resolute and faithful to my convictions I carried on. The bear hunt was called off early due to the alarming number of bears killed on the first day of the hunt. In the aftermath, a total number of 304 bears were killed, but that doesn’t account for the bears that weren’t brought into one of the 33 check stations statewide.

Every single bear brought in to check station 17 left with a piece of my heart. Of all the bears I saw that day, nothing touched me as profoundly as the slain nursing mother bear whose swollen breasts were a reminder of the now orphaned cubs she left behind.

Public outrage grew as photographs and stories surfaced in the wake of the hunt. We weren’t going to let the FWC get away with another unscientific, undemocratic hunt. We put the pressure on them. They would soon learn that their actions had consequences that would forever change the dynamics of the FWC.

This time we were prepared for a battle, our previous 14 city protest had now grown to 28 cities. We scheduled it for the weekend before a final vote was made on whether or not to proceed with a 2016 Florida black bear hunt. Our protest garnered mass media attention, with hundreds of protestors showing up to each protest location. After the protests, we prepared for a trip to Apalachicola, Florida.

On June 22, 2016, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission voted 4-3 against a 2016 black bear hunt. They also voted to have staff gather more information so that they could again vote the following year on whether to hold a 2017 hunt.

This was a bittersweet victory as we knew the fight was not over and would be on the table again in 2017.

Our campaign, Stop The Florida Bear Hunt, continued to evolve and gain momentum putting even more pressure on the FWC.

On April 19, 2017, FWC Commissioners agreed to revamp the bear management plan and report back in two years, which came after a motion to hold a 2017 bear hunt was voted down 4-3.

The FWC also stated that there would be no hunt in 2019, that they would only revisit where they were at in the process of revising the bear management plan.

Following our victory for the bears in Florida, we changed our name from Stop The Florida Bear Hunt to Bear Defenders. Bear Defenders was created with a mission to end bear hunting across the U.S. and provide other states with the tools needed to take action against bear hunting in their State.

Adam Sugalski owns One Protest ( and is an ardent animal activist  in Florida

I oppose black bear hunting in Florida – By Adam Sugalski

Why FWC wants a bear hunt

bear hunt protest

To people who do not know the truth about bear hunting and what it is really about, you need to know.

The fact is that bear hunting is about the decline of hunting and FWC (Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission) scrambling to try to find more money for their coffers.

They are even trying to get women and children to hunt as the older hunters who kept the TRADITION of hunting, age out. Bored hunters are thirsty for a trophy bear and are whining about wanting to hunt them.

Hunters are lying about bears and trying to make people who don’t know about bears,  be so afraid of them that they will think that we need a hunt. We do not. Bears seen in neighborhoods are usually there because people have food attractants such as garbage, birdfeeders, dirty barbecue grills, pet food and the like that attracts them frm their natural habitat out into the neighborhood.

Bears rarely attack humans. Dogs are far more dangerous so are mosquitos.  Our bears give bluff charges to scare away a threat when it is protecting its cubs.

Get the FACTS before you sentence hundreds of innocent bears to a bloody massacre with lactating mothers and their cubs killed. Cubs not killed are left motherless and there is NO rescue for them.

It is FWC’s job to provide hunting opportunities for hunters. FWC commissioners are all hunters. It is a biased agency. Their definition of “conservation” is to let a hunted species recover so that they can be hunted leaving a token number. They do not have the same definition for it that the public has. And “harvest” is to “kill” not to gather. Unless you mean to gather the dead bodies.

PLEASE, educate yourselves and secure your attractants. Go to www. or and learn. Join a Facebook group that is a bear loving group so that you get the true facts, not what hunters tell you.

And remember to beware of FWC they only have their’s and the hunter’s interests at heart.

(Photo credit: Barry Vaught  Photography)

Why FWC wants a bear hunt

Saw Palmettos Importance to Wildlife

saw palmetto berries for wildlife

Saw Palmetto (Serenoa repens), is an important plant to wildlife and insects. Growing almost exclusively in the state of Florida, in lower Georgia and southeast Alabama.
All parts of the saw palmetto are used by some kind of wildlife or insects. They are eaten and used for cover and nesting.

More than 100 bird species, 27 mammals, 25 amphibians, 61 reptiles, and countless insects use saw palmetto as food and/or cover (Maehr and Layne 1996).

In the spring, the three-foot stalks bloom with small yellowish-white fragrant flowers. This attracts many insects including pollinators and the very important honey bee.
The leaves are a host plant to the palmetto skipper and monk butterflies.

In the fall the stalks give birth to berries that are high in fat content. Bears, foxes, raccoons, birds, and others eat the berries. The berries are essential for bears who have to fatten up before the denning season. Berries are on plants from August to October, the prime time for the bears to get their needed nutrition. Female bears must gain a lot of weight to be able to give birth. If they do not, the embryos will not implant and no cubs will be born.

saw palmentto stalks

These scrumptious berries (to wildlife), can be found in the local landscape, people’s yards and all over the state. You’d think that this would be enough for our bears and other wildlife and maybe for some wildlife it is, but with bears, they need to consume 20,000 calories a day during the fall.  And bears only live in certain areas, so for those areas, in particular, the berries and plants are especially needed.

The berries are believed to help benign prostatic hyperplasia. Studies have found both negative and positive results when compared to a placebo. Pharmaceuticals make claims that it does help, and thus they are a multi-billion dollar industry.
This industry has created a harvesting frenzy. The pickers glean as much as they possibly can to score big bucks from the buyers who in turn make a very handsome profit from the drug companies.


snakePickers actually risk their lives to gather these berries. The eastern diamondback rattler makes a home in the bushes. Bears frequent them. Biting insects as well. Then there are the over 90-degree temperatures that bring heatstroke and dehydration. The plant leaves are sharp and cut, thus the name “saw” palmetto. There are also risks of alligators and water moccasins if near water. But for $1.00 to $2.00 a pound and at 100 pounds an hour, the risk is worth it for most pickers who have low paying jobs otherwise.


It used to be that the berries were harvested mostly by migrant workers that didn’t have a crop to pick at the time of year that the berries are ripe, but since it was so lucrative, lots of folks jumped in. At one time the berries were bringing three to four dollars a pound.

Because of the importance of the berries to particularly bears, bear advocates fought to have some restrictions placed on the harvesting.
Thus the Florida Dept. of Agriculture put forth the following:

Pickers must now have a permit from the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.
Unfortunately, this permit is free and workers under a crew leader are not required to have a permit.

It is unlawful to pick on any private land without the written consent of the owner along with their contact information.

It is unlawful to pick on any public, state, city or county land unless permission is granted by the proper authority and submitted for approval on a permit application.

Buyers, transporters or processors are not required to have a permit, but they are required to have the following on their person at all times:

A bill of lading
A copy of the harvester’s entire permit, which now includes a second page that contains the permission letter(s).

Buyers, transporters, and processors are required to have a copy of the harvester’s entire permit, which now includes a second page that contains the permission letter(s).

From reviewing posts by pickers, they report many buyers do not ask from any of these things. So, they do not have them.

This presents more governance needed by law enforcement who already have their hands full just busting illegal harvesters.

Further, The stalks that they remove will not produce blooms the next spring preventing insects and bees from having them to use.
There is no limit to the amount of berries that can be picked.

saw palmetto 5

Pictured above a local buyer readies his haul to take to Valensa, the pharmaceutical company that is one of the end buyers.  Local buyers set up at various locations and post their location on a Facebook page dedicated to getting this and other information out, like prices being paid. They often do not require any permits or permissions to be shown by the pickers. Some pickers and buyers use such websites to discretely contact one another for a rendezvous to exchange berries for money.  Keeping their location private is one way buyers provide a service for those who pick without permits or permissions.

So something needs to change.
The berry picking business is out of control.

Studies have not been done on the impact to wildlife yet, but it is believed that it may cause bears and others to go into neighborhoods searching for the food because of the lack of these berries.

The saw palmetto is listed as a commercially exploited plant. This doesn’t seem like it’s a big deal since it only requires getting a free permit, permission letter and then it’s a free for all.

Between 45 and 50 million pounds of berries are harvested each year in the United States, 80 percent of which is exported, according to estimates from Valensa International, a leading manufacturer based in Lake County. Most of these berries come from Florida.

For more visit on Facebook:



Saw Palmettos Importance to Wildlife

FWC Policies Must Change About Helping Wildlife

EDIT NOTE:  Since writing this I have received some other information regarding the incident below.  FWC contacted me after I inquired about it.  Their version is not the same as the one given below.  I found out that the fawn was kept 6-7 days before FWC took it from this person.  The officer had the option of not giving a citation as they do when it’s only been a couple of days in possession, but since this had been a week he cited the man.  A neighbor evidently made an anonymous call to FWC regarding this.

If you find injured/orphaned wildlife you are supposed to call FWC and let them handle it.  The humanity in us makes us wants to help the animal ourselves and certainly it’s even more so when it seems urgent, as this did.  FWC says they will respond within two hours.  With all of us carrying cell phones these days, we should be able to contact them quickly.  I don’t know why this person said there was no response from them.  I can only  trust this is what happened.   If you are not licensed to handle wildlife or keep them, you can be fined.  It’s sometimes a toss-up but just know the risks.


This is shared by permission:


Thursday 4/25/19
Approximately 3:30

A baby fawn was walking up to a lady by a busy roadway in Orlando. The lady attempted to call FWC multiple times. The mother deer was deceased nearby, she presumed to be hit by an automobile. The lady who called was advised by FWC to get the fawn to a fawn Rehabilitator. I had been in the area, the person was frantically trying to keep the deer from entering the busy road and getting hit. I offered to take it to a rehab place nearby, the person I knew was unable and unavailable to help because his recent fire and his facilities were destroyed by a recent fire. (Jim Bronzo) He advised me to take it to a rehabilitation facility in Brevard since I lived there I agreed to help. It was noted by both of us that the baby fawn’s ears were extremely curled, which is a sign of severe distress and needed immediate attention.


baby fawn

On my way home I bought temporary supplies, (receipt in hand) at Tractor Supply to begin nursing the starved, dehydrated, approximately 3-day old fawn.

Upon returning home the baby fawn was by this time going into shock from hunger and dehydration. The torque test revealed it was severely dehydrated. With having had a class 3 license in 2004, I knew what to do, act quickly on behalf of the fawn if it was going to make it to a rehab facility.

So I began using a Pedialyte liquid, (baby Gatorade) for hydration administered by an eye dropper. I administered 2-3 ml every 30 minutes by mouth to get it fluids. The baby deer improved slowly over the next 3 days and began to eat a 1 oz of baby kid (goat) formula by bottle. Using a warm washcloth stimulation, the baby deer finally urinated and had a bowel movement by the fourth day. Feeling the baby fawn was improving slowly, I researched several wild animal rehabilitation facilities nearby, left messages with no return calls. By the fifth day, she was eating 3-5oz of formula, every 3-4 hours, readily from the bottle.

Also during this time, my other half had been admitted to Holmes regional hospital for asthma attacks associated with pneumonia. So I was quite busy holding the homestead together with my 3 children and my 84-year-old demented mother, and a distressed baby deer.

By the 6th day, the baby fawn was ready to be placed at a rehab facility, but no return calls had been received, my other half had returned from the hospital on Wednesday evening.

baby fawn day 6


On the 7th day while I was at work, May 2, 2019, an FWC officer showed up at the residence, around lunchtime. (Officer Delano) Unaware of who reported the deer, my significant other showed him the baby deer, who was kept on a screened back porch. The baby deer was kept isolated there, with two bedding areas available for her comfort. It had a piece of indoor/outdoor carpet. She was isolated in hopes of a successful return to the wild. Officer Delano requested her to sign over the deer, which she cooperated fully. Tara also donated the bottle and kid formula to the rescue the deer would be taken. Tara had prepared a large transport box with hay for the 45-minute ride to the rehab facility. I, Paco, had a conversation about how I obtained the deer because Tara was unaware of the facts of the deer situation. Officer De Lano requested that I call him back upon returning home from work, which I complied with 2 times, De Lano sent FWC officer Hatfield at 7:30 pm to have me sign the deer release form and deliver a violation with fine of $331. 😕

The baby deer was taken to Creature safe place, in Ft. Pierce Florida, with Wynn Burns, who has stated, I did an excellent job rehabilitating the fawn, and the fawn was doing very well. She recommended I be placed on her list, to become a licensed independent rehabilitation person by obtaining a class 3 license.

I am making a $100.00 donation to Creature safe place on behalf of the deer. She stated she would write a letter of what a good job was done rehabilitating the baby fawn. Please share this story. It’s the ONLY way this crazy stuff is going to stop.

This was the officer, he was young polite and professional according to my other half, however, inexperienced being 3 months with FWC, I only spoke with him on the phone and answered all his questions. My other half signed a release for the fawn, the officer instructed me to call him when I returned home, I did so twice only to have another officer deliver a citation to me at 8 o clock at night, also after several attempts to text the officer on where the baby fawn was taken. Not one return text or call concerning the safe delivery of the baby fawn. I had to call 6 different places in Ft Pierce, the officer had told me during the phone conversation that the only rehabilitation facility is in Ft Pierce. But he didn’t even know the name. 🤦🏽‍♀️ The second FWC Officer did seem rather embarrassed having to deliver a citation.

There needs to be a policy change regarding people helping orphaned and injured wildlife.  Obviously, this fawn was of no threat to the man who helped it.  It’s not like he was trying to help a full-grown injured bear.  People run across injured, sick, orphaned, entrapped, etc. wildlife all the time and sometimes they must act to save the life of the animal.  FWC cannot always be there at the time to do anything to help the animal and as most of us know they often choose to euthanize rather than to save an animal.

Please email FWC’s commissioners to ask them to inform people better about these rules.  The majority of people do not visit the FWC website and are not educated about handing orphaned/injured wildlife.


FWC Policies Must Change About Helping Wildlife

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