Florida Hunters – Why do you have to kill bears?

Why do you have to kill bears?
Isn’t it enough that you have deer, hogs, turkey, squirrels, rabbits,
doves, quail, ducks, to kill?

The FWC is wrong about this bear hunt. They voted it in because of politcal reasons
and pressure from some people who think there are too many and that’s why there
were attacks. But that’s not the reason there were attacks. There were attacks
because people were doing things they shouldn’t have been doing for living among the
bears. It’s like swimming with sharks. You don’t jump in unless you are in a cage to
protect you and unless you understand that you could get bit, you could lose a limb, or
your life. And you don’t go swimming with alligators. Respecting creatures in their
habitat and recognizing that their habitat is where they live.

Hunters are eagerly waiting to kill something new and different that they haven’t been
able to hunt. Or should I say kill. It’s a blood sport. To have bear meat is not
the reason, they want the jollies of killing something and a bear is the feast de resistance!
The holy grail of hunting besides killing a panther.

Hunters are like fisherman, they challenge each other and themselves too to get all of the big
ones. Just like a grand slam for a fisherman, killing a bear adds to the hunters repertoire.
Go visit any avid hunter and you will probably find mounts of heads hanging on his walls, from
anything that he has had the “pleasure” of killing. Why is it pleasure? They must not think
about it the way a lot of people do. Most people find NO pleasure in killing an animal. Taking
a life. But most hunters have grown up in it and think nothing of it. At least nothing negative.
It’s all good. The putting on of the camoflague to hide from their kill, the putting on of scents
to hide their own scents, the putting out bait to entice the animal in to where they are. The woods and the smell, the fallen leaves on the ground and the crisp fall air. They love everything about it.
They get together with their kindred spirits and talk about it. They spend hours reading about it, studying it and looking at other kills, salivating. They can’t wait to get out there themselves and just KILL something! If they did this to kill humans it would be beyond unacceptable but hey, they are just animals. Imagine the mentality.

I wonder if they ever really stop to consider what they are actually doing? Taking a life, I mean. An innocent animal given the death sentence for merely existing. A beautiful creature that has purpose and a right to live. A creature with a beating heart, just like theirs.

It’s all very sad to me that there are people that are so desensitized to killing that it does not even phase them. In fact it is fun to them and brings them great joy!

I can only pray that one day things will be different. I can only hope that all animals one day
will be given a stay of execution.

Florida Hunters – Why do you have to kill bears?

FWC and the People of Florida – David and Goliath? One can hope.

Breaking through the FWC to reduce hunting focus and increase conservation focus.

The FWC seems to be a big hunting club with a depth of protection deeper than a
pro football team.

To find fault with any part of the club is to go against a huge well honed force ready to
take down any opponent. It’s like the Dallas Cowboys playing a game of football with your
local high school team.

Recently the actions of the board of commissioners regarding the Florida black bears and panthers have proven this to be just so when they voted in a bear hunt the first in twenty years, against much public opposition and voted to not increase the panther population.

Thousands of citizens have tried to come up against the opposition in defense of the bears and panthers and have ran into a brick wall ten feet thick.

The FWC has it’s own biologists, scientists, environmentalists, and degreed echelon, you name it.
And only their people are worthy of being knowledgeable enough to make sound decisions. Only their people do they listen to and all other biologists, scientists, environmentalists, degreed echelon, are stupid and don’t know what they are talking about.

So the state of Florida’s residents have NO choice but to accept what they say. Their way or the highway.
But can David slay Goliath again? We can only pray. There is a lawsuit against the FWC for breaking Florida constitutional laws regarding wildlife and many other reasons not to have a hunt. Will the judge listen? Will he understand? Will he have a backbone
to go against Goliath? Or will it be business as usual and he will be bought. He will be pressured by those higher up such as the governor of the state Rick Scott who would not overturn the vote for the bear hunt. Most likely because he is a hunter and he considers the FWC to be the end all.

When do other people get listened to? When do they become credible enough? When will Florida become a state where the voice of other people and not just hunters are heard?


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FWC and the People of Florida – David and Goliath? One can hope.

Florida Black Bears Lack of Food Sources Bring Problems

If you research “saw palmetto harvesting” you will find a myriad of articles regarding the problem. Tons of berries are being picked and it has to make an impact on the Florida Black Bear who’s diet depends greatly on these berries as do many other wildlife species. The places that have been dozed down taking trees that provide acorns, bushes, berries, seeds, host insects etc. all that bears eat.

These along with a fragmented forest and loss of habitat is pushing bears to the brink. The housing developments and businesses that were built where the forests once were are surely going to see bears roam from the forests edge in search of food. Especially when irresponsible homeowners leave garbage, bird feeders, barbeque grills and more, for their sensitive noses to smell and be enticed.

Regarding the saw palmetto picking there was a moratorium put on them for one year on state land. This will hardly help and for only one year is ridiculous. Also unless penalties are stiffened the poaching will continue. I’ve read articles of people just being let go or only having to pay a $500 fine.

As the price of berries go up, the more lucrative they become. People risk their lives picking these berries as the palmettos are home to rattlesnakes as well as other dangerous wildlife. They wouldn’t be picking if it was not profitable. Public and private lands will still be picked and this is unfortunate as it still effects wildlife that depend on them. One land owner said they were of “no value” to him and thus law enforcement was not able to arrest pickers since it was deemed as no loss. But it was a loss to wildlife.

Someone has to be the voice for the wildlife. Man is encroaching more than ever as the population in Florida keeps growing at a rate of approximately 1,000 a day. The number of black bears killed on roads in Florida for 2014 was 227. Along with the numbers of nuisance kills, unknown poached bears, and bears that die of starvation, there is no reason to reduce the bear population. FWC does not even know how many bears there are and the count won’t be complete until 2016.

The bears killed in a senseless hunt will not be those bears who are coming in contact with humans. They will be just random bears. The FWC plans to limit the number of bears killed but has no real way of doing this. They cite that once they reach a certain number they will stop the hunting but that for the first two days there will be NO limit. They are trusting that hunters will report when they have killed a bear. But I don’t believe anyone who has paid $100 – resident and $300 – out-of-state for a license will stop hunting if they have not killed a bear. All of this is just bizarre and wreckless. We need to preserve our wildlife. Most of the commissioners including the governor who passed this hunt are hunters. Clearly there was an unfair bias to pass this.

Florida Black Bears Lack of Food Sources Bring Problems

A Poem For Bears – Written to protest the Florida Bear Hunt

Beware when walking in the forest
for there are beasts who walk among you
They hide deep in the woods and disguise
themselves so you can’t see them.
They put out bait to lure you nearby so they
can have the best shot at you possible. I know
this is not fair. But they have their rights they say.
This is the way, they say.
They don’t care how you have fought for your life.
How you have walked hundreds of miles to find food
and mates in fragmented forests that have been
stripped of your food sources. They don’t care that
you have litter failure and many of your cubs don’t
survive. They don’t care that you have low reproduction
rates and sometimes you don’t even give birth until you are six.
Or that many of you are eaten by your own, a phenomena known
among many species.
They don’t care if there aren’t many of you because they
will kill anything that lives no matter how few there are.
They will take you and haul you off to be gutted and skinned.
To be mounted and processed so they can show everyone
what a keen hunter they are.
They are savage beasts. They steal the forests of all of
your trees, your bushes, your berries and seeds. They
don’t want you near them for they are not able to learn.
They cannot learn how to live with you. They cannot learn
how to do anything but kill you. This is what they call “sport.”
This is what they call “fun.” For you it’s death. And for your
cubs it’s starvation.
Sadly, if you go outside of the forest it’s even worse. They will run over you
with their vehicles, tempt you to come to their yards then call someone to come kill you.
Your caretakers are not your friends. They are your enemies.
They don’t care about you but for their own fun, they will kill you.
And they will say it was for your own good.
Be safe, hide good. And don’t come out of the woods. Your future
is not good. You must do all you can to protect yourselves. Oh,
I’m sorry, you can’t use guns. Only the beasts can. ~~D. Rhodes

A Poem For Bears – Written to protest the Florida Bear Hunt

Shame on the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC)


Shame on the Florida Fish & Wildlife “Conservation” Commission.
Shame on them for voting in a bear hunt when:
1. Science does not prove that one is warranted.
2. Many biologists that are not paid by the FWC have voiced opposition
3. Many environmental groups have voiced opposition to it.
4. The majority of the people of the state of Florida are against it.
5. It will not prevent or even help cut down on the number of human/bear
encounters and they have even admitted that.
6. The count for the number of bears will not be finished until 2016.
7. They have ignored the fact the a vital food source, the saw palmetto
berries have been taken away from bears by people harvesting for profit
for years.
8. The fact that this loss of food source has caused bears to go out of
their natural habitat in search of food.
9. That low food availability causes starvation, unhealthy weights, and
low reproduction.
10. That over 300 bears a year are killed by nuisance kills, road kills,
poaching, and other causes.
11. That the human population has not been well educated in bear safety
resulting in more calls and tragic events.
12. That the FWC continues to hold it’s one Black Bear festival devised
to educate people about bear safety in the same place every year
and no other places.
13. That there has been a lack in effort by the FWC to push for mandatory
bear proof trash cans in bear areas.
14. The board of commissioners is made up of land developers, ranch owners
and hunters. All biased with personal interests in a hunt.
15. The rules for the hunt go against the 1998 voter-approved constitutional
amendment that created the commission as an independent body “to conduct
management, preservation and conservation decision-making based upon sound science.
16. It went against the constitutional mandate to oversee the “management,
protection, and conservation of wild animal life and fresh water aquatic life”
when it put into effect new rules allowing itself to issue permits to kill Florida
black bears based on potential property damage. Article IV, Section 9 of the Florida
Constitution does not authorize FWC to regulate wildlife for the purposes of
reducing or preventing property damage.”

Shame on the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC)