Pedals Killer Come Forth


This, sadly, is Pedals.  This is what happened to the beloved bear.  Tell me how this makes sense that his life should have been taken?

Although we cannot tell for sure who killed Pedals, the bi-pedal bear.
There are surely people who know and should be telling. For one,
a person who may not have killed him is catching all the flack, as is
his family and business. Not that this person didn’t set himself up for
this, he did. He bragged about going to kill Pedals for three years and
as the time came closer it got worse. He taunted people who loved
Pedals showing himself to be one sick puppy. Who would set out
to kill a harmless, lame bear who had done no wrong and wouldn’t?
All black bears have been unjustly vilified. But Pedals was lame.

There are those hunters among some ethical ones that give them all
a black eye. It’s the heartless, soulless, trophy, thrill seeking sick
individuals that eat, drink and breathe the blood of an innocent animal.

There are many “game” species that hunters are allowed to hunt and
most go without any complaint. Then there are the magnificent creatures
that nobody should be hunting. And those that are rare, or injured.

Most people take pity on an injured animal and seek to help it. It is a
rare breed that sets out to kill it saying they are putting it out of its misery.

Pedals was surviving quite well. Without the need to be in a sanctuary to
keep it from being murdered, it would have continued to do well.

The world is made of all kinds of people. Some make it better, some make
it worse. I think I can safely say, that the person who killed Pedals is not
making it a better place.


Pedals Killer Come Forth

New Jersey’s Bear Massacre and the Killing of Pedals the Bi-Pedal Bear

There was no stopping the bloody massacre on New Jersey’s bears.  Governor Chris Christie was gung-ho as was the New Jersey Department of Fish & Wildlife.   But the hunters were the most eager.  At only $2.00 to purchase a permit to kill a bear, thousands flocked to the woods in their camo, their boots, their rifles, and bows.


One hunter, Thomas McCreary, owner of Murphy’s Shamrock Inn Pub, bragged that he was going to kill Pedals.  He taunted others on a Facebook page called, “Pedals the Bi-Pedal Bear, that he “had something for him.”  How sick.  How sick this poor excuse for a human being is that he felt he needed to kill a harmless and defenseless animal that was only trying to live.  He was beating the odds, having been either injured or born with his front two legs deformed and unable to use them to walk on.  McCreary denies killing Pedals as does New Jersey Dept. Of Fish and Wildlife.  But one has to wonder with all the bragging, taunting and threatening that McCreary did, why would he not be the one who killed Pedals. Most everyone else had a heart and loved him.


He became a favorite of everyone because he looked like a person in a bear costume as he walked around on two legs.  There was money raised to place Pedals in a sanctuary where he could live out his days and not be killed during a hunt or otherwise hurt.   But Governor Christie and the NJDFW would not have it.    There were petitions signed bythousands and thousands of people to request that he be protected, yet to no avail.


Pedals was the equivalent to Cecil the lion who was unjustly killed by dentist Walter Palmer in a trophy hunt.  Cecil, like Pedals, was much loved.  And the aftermath from the killing of Cecil left Walter Palmer and others associated in the killing of him in misery.

I can only hope that likewise, the killing of Pedals will do the same for whomever did kill Pedals will suffer the same feat.





New Jersey’s Bear Massacre and the Killing of Pedals the Bi-Pedal Bear