Letter to Bears

Dear Florida black bears,

Today you woke in the Florida jungles to routine, perhaps your cubs, and a life that you know. Many of you have lived for years shielded under the canopy’s of palms and oaks deep in the heart of your Florida home. Perhaps you are aware that humans have encroached on your habitat and we have hit you with our cars. Still, you come into our neighborhoods that you once called home, when we foolishly leave our garage behind that teases your hunger. Because of this, humans will kill you starting today. We will shatter your quiet existance and pierce your bodies with our selfish hunger, to call your parts our trophy. Please know it’s not all of us. Know that we have fought tirelessly to protect your families and to resolve conflicts in peace to un-listening ears. Know in your final dark moments that you did not die in vain, and your voices will continue to be heard.

Letter to Bears

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