Letter to the Florida Fish & Wildlife “Conservation” Commission

Well it looks like you are not going to do anything to stop this hunt. I knew you wouldn’t. You are not about conservation you are about killing. With influences of hunters on the board, the governor and his wife both hunters, all the hunters who have been grooming you to be their friends over the years and scratching your backs, you would never change your minds. Aliesa Priddy is bent on being able to kill bears on her ranch. Next is getting control of the panthers by the FWC so she will be able to kill them. It’s kill, kill, kill. Responsible methods to curtail the human/bear encounters have yet to be given a chance to work. And in the meantime 89 or more nuisance bears are dead. It’s one and done. According to Dr. Eason. You people are not suppose to be a hunting club but that’s what you’ve turned out to be and the majority of the people who voiced their dismay are not happy with you. We will not stop working to right this wrong. We are years behind the hunters and their power but we will grow and will not stop. Enough cronyism by a corrupt Governor . Enough wealthy ranchers, land developers, road builders, hunters, etc on the board creating a conflict of interest. Remove the word “Conservation” from your name and quit trying to dupe people. Your license plates that give the messages of caring about our wildlife. You do not. The depletion of the saw palmetto berries caused bears to move north and you know it. You were irresponsible in not doing anything about it all these years. All wildlife that has depended on them and you did nothing. The whole premise of this hunt was to usher in the hunting opportunities of bears for your token residents the hunters. You used the few attacks that were caused by irresponsible people to push the issue then when you saw that reasoning was not going to wash, you retracted and sited overpopulation. Clearly it’s overpopulation of people. And stupid people at that. You encourage people to call when they see a bear and then cry there are too many calls about bears so there must be too many? Come on! We’re not stupid. We know your games. Clean up you act and represent all residents not just those who are your buddies.

Letter to the Florida Fish & Wildlife “Conservation” Commission

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