Florida Hunters – Why do you have to kill bears?

Why do you have to kill bears?
Isn’t it enough that you have deer, hogs, turkey, squirrels, rabbits,
doves, quail, ducks, to kill?

The FWC is wrong about this bear hunt. They voted it in because of politcal reasons
and pressure from some people who think there are too many and that’s why there
were attacks. But that’s not the reason there were attacks. There were attacks
because people were doing things they shouldn’t have been doing for living among the
bears. It’s like swimming with sharks. You don’t jump in unless you are in a cage to
protect you and unless you understand that you could get bit, you could lose a limb, or
your life. And you don’t go swimming with alligators. Respecting creatures in their
habitat and recognizing that their habitat is where they live.

Hunters are eagerly waiting to kill something new and different that they haven’t been
able to hunt. Or should I say kill. It’s a blood sport. To have bear meat is not
the reason, they want the jollies of killing something and a bear is the feast de resistance!
The holy grail of hunting besides killing a panther.

Hunters are like fisherman, they challenge each other and themselves too to get all of the big
ones. Just like a grand slam for a fisherman, killing a bear adds to the hunters repertoire.
Go visit any avid hunter and you will probably find mounts of heads hanging on his walls, from
anything that he has had the “pleasure” of killing. Why is it pleasure? They must not think
about it the way a lot of people do. Most people find NO pleasure in killing an animal. Taking
a life. But most hunters have grown up in it and think nothing of it. At least nothing negative.
It’s all good. The putting on of the camoflague to hide from their kill, the putting on of scents
to hide their own scents, the putting out bait to entice the animal in to where they are. The woods and the smell, the fallen leaves on the ground and the crisp fall air. They love everything about it.
They get together with their kindred spirits and talk about it. They spend hours reading about it, studying it and looking at other kills, salivating. They can’t wait to get out there themselves and just KILL something! If they did this to kill humans it would be beyond unacceptable but hey, they are just animals. Imagine the mentality.

I wonder if they ever really stop to consider what they are actually doing? Taking a life, I mean. An innocent animal given the death sentence for merely existing. A beautiful creature that has purpose and a right to live. A creature with a beating heart, just like theirs.

It’s all very sad to me that there are people that are so desensitized to killing that it does not even phase them. In fact it is fun to them and brings them great joy!

I can only pray that one day things will be different. I can only hope that all animals one day
will be given a stay of execution.

Florida Hunters – Why do you have to kill bears?

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