FWC and the People of Florida – David and Goliath? One can hope.

Breaking through the FWC to reduce hunting focus and increase conservation focus.

The FWC seems to be a big hunting club with a depth of protection deeper than a
pro football team.

To find fault with any part of the club is to go against a huge well honed force ready to
take down any opponent. It’s like the Dallas Cowboys playing a game of football with your
local high school team.

Recently the actions of the board of commissioners regarding the Florida black bears and panthers have proven this to be just so when they voted in a bear hunt the first in twenty years, against much public opposition and voted to not increase the panther population.

Thousands of citizens have tried to come up against the opposition in defense of the bears and panthers and have ran into a brick wall ten feet thick.

The FWC has it’s own biologists, scientists, environmentalists, and degreed echelon, you name it.
And only their people are worthy of being knowledgeable enough to make sound decisions. Only their people do they listen to and all other biologists, scientists, environmentalists, degreed echelon, are stupid and don’t know what they are talking about.

So the state of Florida’s residents have NO choice but to accept what they say. Their way or the highway.
But can David slay Goliath again? We can only pray. There is a lawsuit against the FWC for breaking Florida constitutional laws regarding wildlife and many other reasons not to have a hunt. Will the judge listen? Will he understand? Will he have a backbone
to go against Goliath? Or will it be business as usual and he will be bought. He will be pressured by those higher up such as the governor of the state Rick Scott who would not overturn the vote for the bear hunt. Most likely because he is a hunter and he considers the FWC to be the end all.

When do other people get listened to? When do they become credible enough? When will Florida become a state where the voice of other people and not just hunters are heard?

FWC and the People of Florida – David and Goliath? One can hope.

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